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Nika Group is a professional undergarments manufacturer. We are at your service for developing and manufacturing all types of private label lingerie and underwear. Are you looking for a manufacturer to produce your private label undergarments? Nika Group is just the partner you are searching for! Get to know more about our possibilities by contacting us.

Undergarments manufacturer at your service

We are a manufacturer of tailor made undergarments. We translate your design and ideas into a tangible product. Our customers range from department stores and chain stores to even brand names. From our two offices in Hong Kong and the Netherlands, we are able to serve a wide range of customers all over Europe and the United States. That’s the versatility to expect from Nika Group.

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We would love to help you launch your private label undergarments collection. Are you interested in our service? Feel free to inquire about our possibilities by contacting us at office@nika-group.com or ask your question via the contact page on our website. That way we can make a personal appointment in which we can discuss your wishes and requirements. Off course you can also call us to ask all of your questions. We are more than happy to answer them for you.

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