About us

Nika Group is a Dutch company founded in 2000 by a team with over 25 years of experience in textile manufacturing.

With our headquarter in The Netherlands, an office in Hong Kong, our privately owned factory in China and a production unit in Vietnam, we can help to create your own collection and provide the complete service package from design to delivery.


We believe in having a transparent and open supply chain for all of our customers. Working with esteem to the different cultures in the production countries, we combine local strength with our own experience for a high outcome of quality products that meet our customers request.


Our experienced and passionate team will guide you throughout the complete production process. We can offer all necessary service and input, such as design, sourcing, product development, fitting, production and logistics.


We give you the opportunity to develop and manufacture your own collection that is exactly in line with your brand positioning. With an in-house design team that is on top of the latest commercial fashion trends, we can support you with trend research, styling, product and packaging development, creating prints and the sourcing of fabrics and accessories.


Nika factories
The production of high level intimate apparel takes place in our privately owned factory in Dongguan, China and our production unit in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Our expertise lies in high quality lingerie products, moulded and plus size bra’s, maternity and mastectomy underwear.


Partner factories
We work closely together with a selected group of partner factories. Over the years we have built a long and stable relationship with our partners. Each factory has its own unique strengths which gives us the possibility to offer our customers a superior quality at the best possible price. The production will be closely monitored by our Nika Far East team.


All our sales and deliveries are subject to the Terms & Conditions of Nika Group B.V. and are registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. A copy of those will be sent to you on your request.

Social compliance

All our partner factories are audited by our own quality control team and are compliant to all local-, international and our customers’ standards.

Nika Group is proud member of amfori, the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade. We improve the social performance of our full supply chain via amfori BSCI. All our factories and our partner factories are compliant to the BSCI audit program and working towards the values and principles of the BSCI Code of Conduct. For more information about amfori or BSCI, visit www.amfori.org.

Quality control

Through the whole order process we attach great value on quality to make sure the goods fulfil all requirements and standards. This begins with the selection of the materials and accessories and ends with the final inspection.

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