Manufacturing process


Moulding  ~>  Cutting  ~>  Sewing  ~>  Quality control  ~> Packing

When articles are ordered which need moulding, the fabric will be send to the moulding factory first. There the fabric will be moulded which will take between 2 and 4 weeks. When moulding is not needed, the cutting stage will start immediately.

During the cutting stage all pattern parts are cut. After all fabrics have been cut , the sewing stage will start. In this stage all pattern parts will be sewed and the article will be put together.

Nika Group has a firm hold on quality control, workmanship, colour, size and packing. Only when it meets our stringent requirements the product is released for delivery!

During the manufacturing process, control takes place at 3 moments: first upon receipt of the fabrics and accessories, during the cut & sew process and finally a control of the final products.When the final products are checked and approved, these are packed according the customers instructions.

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