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Mens underwear manufacturers

As mens underwear manufacturers, Nika Group is pleased to assist you in developing your own underwear collection. We are able to support you through the whole process. After all, we are more than just mens underwear manufacturers: we can take care of the whole process, form design to distribution. That’s the service you can expect from us.

Mens underwear manufacturers: different production locations

For cotton and seamless mens underwear we work closely together with a selected group of partner manufacturers. Over the years we have built a long and stable relationship with our partners. Each factory has its own unique strengths which gives us the possibility to offer our customers a superior quality at the best possible price. The production will be closely monitored by our Nika Far East team.

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What are your wishes for the mens underwear you would like to produce? We would like to hear all about it during a personal appointment. To make an appointment, please contact us by sending an email at office@nika-group.com or ask your question via the contact page on our website. Also, for more information you are more than welcome to get into contact. We are happy to answer all of your questions.

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